“Over 50% of web traffic is now coming from Mobile Devices”


With the world embracing social media its important that business also embrace digital marketing and sales strategies.

I work with SME Irish businesses to offer comprehensive Social Media Coaching, Social Media Training and Social Media Management services.

Correctly using various Social Media Platforms can be a powerful part of a companies sales and marketing strategy. It can increase your traffic to your physical or online stores and help develop new business connections.

In this rapidly changing industry it is vital that you understand the full potential that is available to you and your organisation. For example Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn along with other online data analytics platforms can give allow you market your products and gain detailed insights into your customer base. Allowing you to better target all future marketing campaigns.

My key objective is help provide businesses with sufficient social media coaching and support services to be able to embrace social media platforms for you. I will use my photography skills to help you maximise the impact of visual campaigns.

If you have any requirements in this area please me below: