NYE on Achill Island (#10West)

Exploring Achill Island as part of the #10West festival with Smithwicks, wild atlantic way,

My relationship with New Years Eve (NYE) has always been a tumultuous one.

I have always hated the idea of going out for NYE…. I mean…. the queues!! Queuing to get into a bar/club, queuing for drinks, queuing for the toilets, queuing for taxis back home again.  Continue reading “NYE on Achill Island (#10West)”

2,000 Reasons To Continue

I recently passed 2000 followers on Instagram, so where do I go next?

Since creating my blog I have challenged myself as a photographer. To try new things and meet new people.

I have also previously posted about my love of Instagram and the opportunities that it has offered me. For example, giving me a forum to show my work online but also allowing me to exhibit my work publicly for the first time. I have won competitions. But most importantly I have met some many wonderful and inspiring photographers.

I have recently passed 2,000 followers, a milestone that I set myself earlier this year. That is two thousand reasons to continue challenging myself and pushing forward with new ideas and new adventures.

With that in mind, I am planning on challenging myself with specific “Projects“.

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VERTORAMA – The Vertical Panorama

I am pretty confident that everyone is familiar with Panorama or ‘Pano’ photography, especially seeing as most of us have a ‘Pano’ setting on our smart phones (though we probably rarely use them – just can’t beat a good selfie).

The ‘old fashioned way’ of creating Pano shots (without using your phone) was to take a series of shots, moving the camera slightly each time and then stitching them together into one long photo later, the result might look something like this shot (which was actually created this was and unfortunately was branded with my old logo a long time ago):

connemara copy

While the image itself is nice, they are almost common place now and, in my opinions, Vertorama shots are way cooler now!

In this blog post I will:

  1. Show you some Vertorama shots that were taken by the Professionals. (the ones that inspired this blog post)
  2. Show you a Vertorama that I created here in Dublin.
  3. Show you how the Vertorama shot was created using adobe Lightroom/Photoshop.
  4. Give you some top tricks/tips on what to consider if you are creating your own Vertorama.


Introducing Vertorama:- Pano’s ‘Hot New friend’

While Panoramic shots can be beautiful, they have a stunning and relatively unknown friend called Vertical Panoramic shots, or ‘Vertorama’ for short. When they’re done correctly they create breathtaking images that offer an unparalleled perspective of the world.

Up until recently I hadn’t heard of the term and so frantically began researching the topic. On that journey of discovery I came across these perfect examples of what Vertorama can look like if done correctly – simply stunning.


Creating My Own Vertorama:

Its a matter of personal preference but for me the best ‘Vertorama’ from the examples above was the one taken by Daniel Cheong looking down onto the Dubai Marina from the a height, panning the cityscape and up to the sky. I wanted to recreate my own version of this but I had one main problem, access to high buildings and breathtaking views like this is difficult in Dublin.

I’m sure you can imagine my reaction when I was offered a chance to get onto the roof top of the Irish life Centre, one of the tallest buildings in Dublin City Center, with a camera. When I was up there I knew I had to try it out for myself.

One the day of the shoot I wasn’t allowed a tripod onto the roof for safety reasons (as you can image) so with camera in hand I took the shots I knew I would need for the Vertorama.

That evening I went home and began the process of stitching the images together.





So here it is, in all its glory!

Vertorama taken from the top of the Irish Life Building on Lower Abbey Street

Yeah…. I know…. it is nowhere near as impressive as the ones that inspired the shot but still, there is a piece of me thats rather pleased with how it came out. especially with it being my first attempt and all.

Anyway, if you’re interested here’s how it was done.

How It Was Edited:

DSLR – switch your camera into Pano mode and start the pano at your feet, slowly rotating up to the sky. It works just as well!

Top Tips For Vertorama:

Here are my top tips for Shooting Vertorama on a DSLR:

  1. Use a tripod (if possible) – it guarantees that you get the right flow in the shots.
  2. Use as wide an angle lens as possible – wide lenses allow for more of the shot to be taken. The Irish Life shots were taken with a 16-35mm f4 canon lens)
  3. Helpful but not necessary, get a nodal point adapter for your tripod – its basically a device that allows you to better match up the overlapping sections of a Panorama.
  4. Use a small aperture – f8 to f11 should work well.
  5. Shoot in HDR – trust me it looks cool!
  6. Lastly – Have fun!

Thanks for reading, so now go create your own vertorama shots and please tag me in your photo on instagram so I can see it:) and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @maguirc5 for more tips and tricks.


Over and out,



Exciting/Terrifying News

For someone who only recently removed the word ‘Amateur‘ from my bio, I am sure you can appreciate that is a huge step fro me to agree to exhibit some of my photographs to the public, but that’s exactly what I’ve agreed to do.

A few weeks back I was asked to exhibit for a photo exhibition event being organised by Sofia in @IgersDublin. When I was first asked, I immediately refused and claimed that I felt I wasn’t ready for it and that my shots were not (yet) good enough to exhibit.

This was the complete and honest truth. I had looked at my Instagram and thought ‘I wouldn’t buy any of these, why would someone else?’ I was terrified at the idea of putting myself out there. I was not ready.

It wasn’t until I got talking to some friends that things started to change. Its remarkable the way chatting with friends can change your perceptions of a situation. Anyone I spoke to thought I was mad not to do it, and each of them were quick to pull out their phones, scroll through my feed and pick out shots that they felt were fit for exhibition. I was told that even if my shots truly were awful and no one bought a thing, at least I’d have learned something new about the experience. I took some time out to reconsider and recalled my own words, ‘Go Big, or Go Home’…. or the equivalent and less eloquent Irish version, it was time to “Sh!t or get off the pot”.

Thankfully, there was still room in the exhibition and I am now proud to say that I am exhibiting beside some of Dublins finest Instagrammers.

This is going to be a big day for me, the first time that I exhibit shots, the first time that I get photos printed professionally and ‘en mass’, and the first time that I will have photos for sale.

It is both terrifying and exciting.


Event Details

The event is on in the brightly coloured Tara building, right beside Tara Street train station on Saturday, August 5th 2017.  I had an opportunity to pop along to the Tara Building to see what it’s like inside and it will be a stunning location for the event.

Photo of inside the Tara Building for the Diverse exhibition by Mark William Logan
Photo of inside the Tara Building for the Diverse exhibition by Mark William Logan


Event Registration:

I would love to see you there. If you are interested in coming along, the event details are up on EventBrite so please register if you intend to come along.

And also, you can still come even if you don’t register, it just means we can plan the food and bevies a bit better 🙂





P.s. in case anyone reading this is not a Dubliner, the Tara Building is located here:

Howth Warehouse Shoot

I have previously written about my love of Instagram and what it has brought to me. One of the things I focused on in particular was on the people I have met since then.

Allex  (@allexphotography) is just one of those people. He has pushed my limits beyond what I have previously done, especially when it comes to doing portraits. He has never let up on this and continues to do so.

Most recently was a request to join him to do a photo shoot in an abandoned warehouse? While I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to an early Saturday morning start, I simply couldn’t say no.

It was early on Saturday morning when I went to Howth and met our stunning model for the day (@bissuli).

Like our Model, the location Allex had picked was stunning. The abandoned warehouse located right beside Howth Dart (train) Station was very easy to get into and offered countless opportunities for shots.

My only gripe…. it was a little dusty!

I know thats what you should expect for an abandoned warehouse but as an Asthmatic I felt a little bit choked up at times. Nevertheless, I powered through, as I have to GO BIG or GO HOME.

In case anyone is interested, the location of the warehouse is here:

In my bad on the day was:

  • Canon 5D Mk iii
  • Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L
  • Canon 16-35mm f4 L
  • Canon 24-105 f4 L
  • Flash

The 70-200mm is quickly becoming my favourite portrait lens, and it was without question joining me for this shoot.

Given the scale of the building I knew that the 16-35mm lens would allow me to go wide and capture the vastness of the building.

I actually didn’t use the 24-105mm lens. At f4.0 it didnt create the soft effect I had wanted and so left it in my bag for the whole shoot. Instead I used the wider aperture on the 70-200mm and adjusted where I stood to capture the shot I wanted, which I think worked well.

Here are just some of the shots that I got that day.

Taken with Canon 16-35m f4 to capture as much of the background as I could
Taken with the Canon 16.-35mm f4 lens- taking in the wide angle allows you to use the iron bars as leading lines, drawing the viewers attention to the models intense stare.
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens