2,000 Reasons To Continue

I recently passed 2000 followers on Instagram, so where do I go next?

Since creating my blog I have challenged myself as a photographer. To try new things and meet new people.

I have also previously posted about my love of Instagram and the opportunities that it has offered me. For example, giving me a forum to show my work online but also allowing me to exhibit my work publicly for the first time. I have won competitions. But most importantly I have met some many wonderful and inspiring photographers.

I have recently passed 2,000 followers, a milestone that I set myself earlier this year. That is two thousand reasons to continue challenging myself and pushing forward with new ideas and new adventures.

With that in mind, I am planning on challenging myself with specific “Projects“.

What are these Projects?

So over the past few years I have grown and developed at my own pace, taking photos of what I like, whenever I like but I have come to realise that this is not the way photography works all the time.  Sometimes there is huge value in challenging yourself by limiting the scope of your art (just for a little bit).

I know that in the real world, artists and photographers work to briefs, to explore ideas and concepts and challenge themselves to convey a particular genre.

So with that in mind I have two ideas on what to start with.

These are:

  1. Monthly Specific/targeted blog posts – taking photos in a particular genre.
  2. Monthly Podcasts talking with particular photographers about a their genre of photography.

I’m sure I will add more to that list, but it will do for now 🙂 .

September Projects

For September I have two very special projects coming up.

Project One:

I have decided to focus on an area thats very close to my heart. Over the past few months @igersDublin have challenged people to do a ‘darkness-into-light’ challenge for the first ever #igersfestival. Darkness into light is the tag line for a suicide prevention charity in Ireland called Pieta House.

The ‘darkness into light challenge’ as set out by @igersdublin wanted to use photography (like the above shot is an example of this from one of my favourite instagram accounts @heroesforsale) to help raise awareness of suicide in Ireland.

I loved the idea so much and I’ve always wanted to do something in this area as I have suffered from depression so I have decided to make this my first project. I’ll admit its not a happy first challenge but its an important one to talk openly about and its particularly fitting as International Suicide Awareness Day is on Sunday September 10th,

Project 2:

The podcast! I have never felt more inspired than I have in the past year and that is simply because I have met some many different and varied Instagrammers.

I want to share what they have taught me with the rest of the world so I have decided that each month I will talk to a photographer about their particular genre of photography, their own journeys on Instagram and talk about what tips and tricks they might offer to someone starting out.

The first podcast is in the works (forgive the crappy quality when it is released – I know to  take a photograph but I’m only starting out on audio production). The star of this podcast will be @allexphotography.

The Podcast will be released soon and will be available to download on all major podcast stations.

Watch this space.



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