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For someone who only recently removed the word ‘Amateur‘ from my bio, I am sure you can appreciate that is a huge step fro me to agree to exhibit some of my photographs to the public, but that’s exactly what I’ve agreed to do.

A few weeks back I was asked to exhibit for a photo exhibition event being organised by Sofia in @IgersDublin. When I was first asked, I immediately refused and claimed that I felt I wasn’t ready for it and that my shots were not (yet) good enough to exhibit.

This was the complete and honest truth. I had looked at my Instagram and thought ‘I wouldn’t buy any of these, why would someone else?’ I was terrified at the idea of putting myself out there. I was not ready.

It wasn’t until I got talking to some friends that things started to change. Its remarkable the way chatting with friends can change your perceptions of a situation. Anyone I spoke to thought I was mad not to do it, and each of them were quick to pull out their phones, scroll through my feed and pick out shots that they felt were fit for exhibition. I was told that even if my shots truly were awful and no one bought a thing, at least I’d have learned something new about the experience. I took some time out to reconsider and recalled my own words, ‘Go Big, or Go Home’…. or the equivalent and less eloquent Irish version, it was time to “Sh!t or get off the pot”.

Thankfully, there was still room in the exhibition and I am now proud to say that I am exhibiting beside some of Dublins finest Instagrammers.

This is going to be a big day for me, the first time that I exhibit shots, the first time that I get photos printed professionally and ‘en mass’, and the first time that I will have photos for sale.

It is both terrifying and exciting.


Event Details

The event is on in the brightly coloured Tara building, right beside Tara Street train station on Saturday, August 5th 2017.  I had an opportunity to pop along to the Tara Building to see what it’s like inside and it will be a stunning location for the event.

Photo of inside the Tara Building for the Diverse exhibition by Mark William Logan
Photo of inside the Tara Building for the Diverse exhibition by Mark William Logan


Event Registration:

I would love to see you there. If you are interested in coming along, the event details are up on EventBrite so please register if you intend to come along.

And also, you can still come even if you don’t register, it just means we can plan the food and bevies a bit better 🙂





P.s. in case anyone reading this is not a Dubliner, the Tara Building is located here:



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