Howth Warehouse Shoot

I have previously written about my love of Instagram and what it has brought to me. One of the things I focused on in particular was on the people I have met since then.

Allex  (@allexphotography) is just one of those people. He has pushed my limits beyond what I have previously done, especially when it comes to doing portraits. He has never let up on this and continues to do so.

Most recently was a request to join him to do a photo shoot in an abandoned warehouse? While I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to an early Saturday morning start, I simply couldn’t say no.

It was early on Saturday morning when I went to Howth and met our stunning model for the day (@bissuli).

Like our Model, the location Allex had picked was stunning. The abandoned warehouse located right beside Howth Dart (train) Station was very easy to get into and offered countless opportunities for shots.

My only gripe…. it was a little dusty!

I know thats what you should expect for an abandoned warehouse but as an Asthmatic I felt a little bit choked up at times. Nevertheless, I powered through, as I have to GO BIG or GO HOME.

In case anyone is interested, the location of the warehouse is here:

In my bag on the day was:

  • Canon 5D Mk iii
  • Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L
  • Canon 16-35mm f4 L
  • Canon 24-105 f4 L
  • Flash

The 70-200mm is quickly becoming my favourite portrait lens, and it was without question joining me for this shoot.

Given the scale of the building I knew that the 16-35mm lens would allow me to go wide and capture the vastness of the building.

I actually didn’t use the 24-105mm lens. At f4.0 it didnt create the soft effect I had wanted and so left it in my bag for the whole shoot. Instead I used the wider aperture on the 70-200mm and adjusted where I stood to capture the shot I wanted, which I think worked well.

Here are just some of the shots that I got that day.

Taken with Canon 16-35m f4 to capture as much of the background as I could
Taken with the Canon 16.-35mm f4 lens- taking in the wide angle allows you to use the iron bars as leading lines, drawing the viewers attention to the models intense stare.
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens
Taken with the Canon 70-200m f2.8 lens






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