Thank you Instagram.

Its no secret that I enjoy taking a photo or two, but I am always open with people and say that it is very much a hobby for me.

Now I created my Instagram account back in 2012, (back when Instagram was all about the filters), but in that time, I didn’t really use it to its maximum potential. I posted selfies or pictures from drunken nights out etc. You could say that it was very much a ‘personal’ feed of pictures and I was happy to share them with close friends who followed me. Over time though, I started to venture more and more into the landscape and city photos, capturing buildings I seen on my travels or the picturesque scenery in Dublin.  Over time those photos garnered me a little bit of attention, more likes, more comments, more follows, and more reposts which spurred me on to create more eye catching shots. Its safe to say that I quickly became hooked to Instagram, but more importantly, to its creative people and energy.

In February this year I decided it was time to pull back the shield that was my profile and show who I actually was to the people I followed. A local community page on Instagram called ‘IgersDublin‘ (standing for instagrammers Dublin) was arranging a get together in a local pub to showcase some of the finalists that had been selected for a competition they had been running. I was very nervous walking in the front door. A piece of me wanted to turn around and go home, but another piece me was so excited for what might lay ahead. The excited side won and I found myself powering through the front door and into the buzzing room…

Nearly 5 hours later, I left the meet up, having met some of the most amazingly energetic and enthusiastic people I have ever met. I felt inspired like I had never been before. People had their own tastes in photos, in editing, in the aesthetics of feeds and it was all discussed openly and honestly. I had met people who I had admired for years on Instagram, some with nearly 100 thousand followers, and they spoke with such humility and modesty. I realised on my walk home that evening, that this was a community that I wanted to be part of, but I also realised that if I was going to be part of this I needed to give it my all. I needed to push myself and my creativity as much as I could.

I intend for this blog to be a showcase for that journey, and to introduce you to some of the nicest people I have met ever.

So I have listed below 3 of the amazingly warm and welcoming people that I met that night. Please, please, please go check out their feeds and show them the love that they deserve.


1 Kevin Eanda (instagram is: kevineanda)

Kevin posts some stunning shots of Ireland, but as he is now travelling around the world his posts are a little bit more varied. He is one of the most creative and humble people I have met through instragram and he deserves huge respect.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 16.01.04.png


2  Marti (instagram is @Marti7)

Marti took me under her wing at the gallery night and made sure that I wasnt left on my own or without a drink in my hand. Originally from Sicily, She posts unique pictures of Dublin and Ireland and shows the city in ways that locals would never be able to.  Thank you for looking after me and making my first instameet a very enjoyable one <3

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 16.04.21


3 Adam Kearns (Instagram is @kearnsaw)

Adam and I had spoken briefly online before the event and so I knew he would be there. He too had only recently started going to instagram events and knew exactly what it was like to be new. Adam is only new to photography and instagram but is already kicking up a storm with his posts. Check out the below shot as an example of what talent this guy has:

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 16.10.22.png


There are countless others that I met that night and who spoke to me with respect and ambition. I know that my future posts and instagram inspired stories will feature you guys.


Remember, if you would like to check out my feed then please do. Link below.

My next post will be about how I made the profile picture for this blog. 🙂 You guys are in for a treat.

Watch this space.




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